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We want you educated and understnading thepotential uses and benfits of Mr Dit Da Jow.


The best way to get all the befints is to try the product and ask questions.  We at Mr Dit Da Jow are  here to help and answer your questions throught your journy of a great product. 


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Mr Dit Da Jow​


This Dit Da Jow is very strong in its action to manage pain and arthritic stiffness, tissue strains and soreness from over doing it or chronic issues.

Product Description

Pre-Aged MR. Dit Da Jow, 4 oz. bottle


Therapeutic Actions

  • Disperses blood stasis

  • Reduces swelling

  • Relieves pain

  • Connects bones

  • Facilitates healing/strengthening of connective tissue and bone

  • Safe and natural stimulant action

  • Invigorates and improves circulation through vasodilatation and decreasing the whole blood specific viscosity

  • Improves hem rheological changes

  • All around tonic effect on the circulatory system

  • Anticoagulant

  • Desensitization of nerves that transmit pain signals to brain

  • Promotes nourishment in the channels and tendons

  • Expels pus

  • Generates flesh

Most Common Uses

  • Bruises/contusions

  • Swelling, redness and pain, inflammation

  • Tendon injuries

  • Sprains

  • Strains

  • Varicose veins

  •  Joint/muscle pain

  • Blood clots

  • Numbness

  • Fractured or broken bones and traumatic injuries

  • Veterinary medicine on racing horses and dogs

  • Massage therapy

  • Athletic training which requires rapid recovery from injury


This dit da jow is very strong in its action to break stasis and aid in the management of pain and arthritic stiffness, tissue strains and soreness from over training; it is quite effective for sinew injuries. This particular formula is very warming and for use in multipul stages of injury or Sornes, once initial inflammation has subsided. Because of its nice balance of both healing and conditioning properties, and the strength of its action.


Mr.Dit Da Jow is interested in your feedback on this dit da jow, and we would appreciate any comments you may have. If you like this dit da jow, give it a rating and leave a comment on the site telling us how it worked for you so others can learn from your experiences.


For EXTERNAL use only. 

Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.


For educational purposes only

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Please be advised:
You should always consult with your doctor
before making any changes to your diet or nutritional program.

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